Melissa Fontes


“Success in any business requires the involvement of many different people—inside and outside of your organization. Having been on the medical device company side of the industry for many years as President of Passy-Muir Inc., I learned that the key to achieving and sustaining long-term success with your product, comes down to the type of people you choose to work with and ensuring these people share your commitment to quality.

The team that runs A&M Biomedical has come together through our work at medical device companies wherein we were each responsible for integral functional teams supporting production. We all came to be at A&M Biomedical as a result of our shared team-approach to our work and commitment to uncompromising quality. We know the importance of ensuring the safety and efficacy of each and every product manufactured and distributed to the end user. We understand the challenges medical device companies face with ever evolving regulatory requirements and international standards. Our response to these conditions is: (1) to require the upfront and continuous involvement of individuals from all disciplines whose input is critical to the outcome of the project and (2) communication, communication, communication. It is our responsibility to keep you informed and we welcome your participation in every stage of the project.

When you choose A&M Biomedical to manufacture your medical devices, in addition to our expertise, you get the benefit of working with a group of people who will care about the quality of your product as much as you do and the assurance of knowing that when it comes to quality, compromise is not part of our process.”